Environmental Policy

Here at ABACUS we are passionate about the planet and our impact on the environment. We want you to know how important this is to us and to what extent we intend to operate in as environmentally friendly way as possible.

From the choosing a product all the way to the final packing of your order we ensure that every aspect of ABACUS’ business practice involves an awareness and conscience for the environment and the impact we may have.

– Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensure they are as efficient as possible.

– We actively promote and encourage recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers. All of our packaging is either 100% recycled, 100% bio-degradable or 100% recyclable and we strive to maintain this. 

– Source and promote products from designers that also maintain a strong environmentally friendly approach to their business, whether it be ethical and supporting to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.

ABACUS is for the little ones and everything we do has an impact on their future so let’s work together in making their environment healthy, stimulating and positive.