Abacus Kids


Child-ish is the new clothing line that embodies childhood innocence with simplistic chic. The uber trendy children’s fashion label raises the bar in the style stakes, proving that children’s fashion can effectively be stylish and practical.Inspired by minimalistic design, this label comes into its own delivering key pieces and staples every fashion savvy parent can build into their child’s wardrobe. The brand refreshingly maintains fashionable and creative flair whilst making sure its clothing is still age appropriate, which adds to its commercial appeal. The clean cut shapes of their clothing add quality to the general fit and their choice of colour palette and fabrics produce a polished finish making it easier to create a stylish wardrobe for children. The designer behind this London based brand influences the collection with her keen eye for detail and ability to translate style into a format suitable for kids. Her creative knowledge and years of experience serve the brand well as it proves from the wonderful pieces found in their debut collection. Child-ish has made a stylish entrance into its niche market proving style is not just for grown-ups.