Posted: 23rd May 2016

At ABACUS I am passionate about supporting and helping champion talented, innovative and unique designers from around the world. When I discovered new children’s label Child.ish back in 2014 my initial thought was, ‘I want that for me!’ Child.ish was a fresh new brand emerging with a new vision, one that incorporates timeless style with playful yet tasteful nods to childhood.

Let’s discover more about mother, Child.ish designer, stylist (Rags and Paper) and creative soul, Krystle Lana, as she talks to our contributor, Muna Arzouni, about her latest collections, new directions and and exciting new sister brand to please the mamas!

Behind every fashion brand we love, is a mind and soul of a designer and in some cases they are anonymous. In this interview I would like to introduce you to Krystle, the designer and creator of the brand Child.ish. Let’s celebrate her as a woman, mother and fashion designer.

1. Hello Krystle! Firstly I would like to congratulate you on the newest arrival! Not only are you the brains behind childrenswear label Child.ish, you are also a mother of three beautiful children and a stylist too, your creativity is endless!

Tell me, what’s the story behind Child.ish and what inspired you to create the brand?

My journey with childrenswear began when I started a shop called Sienna loves Kai. After running a shop for few years I started a sales agency which allowed me to see the other side of the industry. During those 2 years I built a network of contacts and gained knowledge on how the industry works. I fell in love with independent brands like Mini Rodini and Bobo Choses. As a fashion graduate I always wanted to start my own brand. The time felt right so I launched Child.ish’s first collection with 10 pieces and it grew from there.

2. If you could encapsulate Child.ish in three words what will they be?

Timeless, Playful and Unique!


3. Child.ish has taken a new direction this season can you please explain what your new direction is and why?

I run Child.ish on my own and I felt like I grew too big too quickly. There was a pressure to please the masses. I wanted to change that and bring it back to what inspires me, which is the end customer result, and it has always been my goal. Another reason is the price point. I understand what good fabric is and how to be more sustainable and wanted to offer that at a price point accessible to everyone and for every girl to have a piece of Childish and that’s when I decided to sell directly rather than the wholesale route.

Something I’m passionate about is empowering girls and women so starting from this season Childish will be focusing on girlswear only and our unique selling point will be GIRL POWER!!


This season will also mark the launch of my womenswear brand Plan C. womenswear for me has been the main passion from the beginning but as it is a very competitive market I decided to start with childrenswear first and work my way around it. Plan C will be the main brand and Child.ish will be the sister brand.


4. Wow!! That’s really exciting news. I’ve always admired your children wear because of the modern cut and the sophisticated feel they have, unlike many other children brands with heavy use of print I always felt like your designs can work for both adults and children. Can you please tell me where the name Plan C came from?

In my career I tried different aspects of the industry, which were my plan A and B. My next step in Fashion is womenswear and therefore its Plan C.


5. How would you describe the Plan C SS16 collection?

SS16 for Plan C is really a taster and the actual debut will be AW16. What you can expect from the brand are timeless modern basics and clean silhouette with a soft feminine touch.


6. What shall we expect from Child.ish SS16?

SS16 really is more of a high summer capsule collection, I like to think of it as the rebirth of the brand, a snippet of what is to come and the new direction we are moving in.


7. What materials did you choose and why did you select them?

As fashion brands we have responsibilities to be more sustainable. My favourite fabric to use at the moment is Tencel. It has a silk feel about it and its eco friendly. It requires less water to produce in comparison to other fabrics. I’ll be using more recycled cotton and wool moving forward. 

8. Who are the Child.ish girl and the plan C woman? What sort of identity and lifestyle would they have?

I think the Child.ish girl is full of personality; she will be from all walks of life and have a passion for learning.


The Plan C woman is content with who she is. With a healthy work and life balance the Plan C woman is well travelled, a book worm full of culture and dreams. She never needs validating and her understated wardrobe reflects this.


9.  What inspires you to create?

Creating makes me feel alive; it feels natural for me to do this. For a long time I was afraid to put myself out there because when you create something you are putting a part of you on display. For your creation not to be received as you imagined can be pretty disheartening, but I guess the ability to do what I love outweigh the fear. I have tried walking away from this industry for financial reasons but like a magnet it keeps pulling me back, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

10. What plans have you got for the future?

As a brand, to be more affordable. I would like to compete with the high street. To show people that you can enjoy fashion and be kind to the environment without breaking the bank!

Styling will always be my hobby! I’ll do it if I’ve got the time. As a family we’re thinking of moving to Copenhagen in a year or so.


11. Krystle, have you got a message you would like to share?

Yes, to all small brands starting off in this industry who are in a similar position as me my advice is just be yourself, go with your heart and remember that the successful brands have started from something. Try not to allow the pressure of their success to change your vision and direction.

Thank you very much Krystle. You inspire me as a woman and I adore your creativity and vision. I can’t wait to get my hands on a some of your ‘big girl’ pieces from the Plan C collection!

To shop the latest collection from Child.ish and their new sister brand, Plan C, head over to their website and spoil yourself and your little ones too!

Faye @ ABACUS